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Kitchen flooring options in the Chicago suburbs are nearly endless, so shopping for kitchen flooring can be an overwhelming task. Appearance is often the first factor that people consider when searching for the right kitchen floor. Depending on your personal style, you may want a kitchen floor that complements the fixtures or adds a bold accent to the room. Most of your activity in the kitchen is done while standing, so comfort may also be a consideration.  And depending on lifestyle stage, the kitchen can be the busiest spot in the house, so you will want a floor that wears well too, considering that children, pets, and heavy foot traffic can take a toll.

Most kitchen floors receive an occasional spill, so it’s important to keep water and stain-resistance in mind when you’re hunting for the perfect fit.

Hardwood – Wood fits a variety of decor and style, is comfortable and warm underfoot, and is a quiet floor option. High grade pre-finished floors now come with exceptional wear surfaces, so as long as any moisture spills are cleaned up promptly, wood can last a lifetime.

Tile and Natural Stone – Ceramic or natural stone enables endless possibilities in design, colors and patterns.  Tile is easy to clean with a damp mop, you may have to reseal the grout lines occasionally to prevent discoloration. Going with large size tiles minimizes the number of grout lines, also adds a spacious feel to the kitchen.  Additionally, natural stone is porous so will need to be sealed typically on an annual basis. Tile can be hard on dropped dishes, also cold to the feet; however this is easily remedied by installing a radiant heating system while doing the tile installation.

Laminate – laminate is a lower cost alternative for homeowners who like the look of wood but want a highly durable floor. Laminate also now comes in a variety of tile styles and colors to get the look of tile without the higher installation cost.  While laminate approaches the look of wood, it lacks the warm feeling underfoot and can be noisier.

Vinyl – Sheet vinyl is a viable option for the budget minded. New Luxury Vinyl comes in planks and tiles with coordinating decorator strips to give endless options in style and patterns. Luxury vinyl is rubber backed so gives some comfort and warmth underfoot.

Linoleum – Linoleum very popular during the 1950’s, has made a comeback due to its green appeal. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone and pigments, is a popular sustainable flooring choice for kitchens bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Plus, the wide array of color choices available today, make it fun to decorate.

Cork – Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork trees and is one of the most comfortable flooring options for the kitchen, provides inherent cushion. Also it is a warm and quiet option as cork both adds cold/heat and sound insulation. Cork is a harvested resource from trees which rejuvenate their bark so therefore is an eco-friendly flooring alternative. Properly sealed, cork can withstand moisture, can be dust and damp mopped.

No matter what your kitchen project and budget, Floor Coverings International Wheaton & Naperville can help find the right kitchen flooring for you.

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