Cherry flooring adds a warm finish to any room. It has an attractive red hue with dark brown streaks that darken slightly with age. Other varieties of cherry flooring include:

  • Brazilian
  • Asian
  • Bolivian
  • American

These types of cherry flooring vary in terms of color, grain pattern, hardness, and other factors. Brazilian cherry is a popular choice today. Brazilian cherry has an open grain that looks similar to oak but is twice as hard. Some other species, like American cherry, are on the softer end of the Janka hardness scale.

To navigate through all the different styles, call 630-653-6100 to talk with a design associate at Floor Coverings International in Wheaton, IL. We will make sure you get the perfect cherry floor for your space.

This wide range of cherry flooring can meet the demands of almost any modern environment. When it comes to installation, unlike oak and walnut flooring, cherry has closed pores, making it slightly more challenging to finish. So, if you choose a cherry flooring that is not pre-finished, it is important that a qualified installation team applies the finish evenly to achieve the perfect look.

Our installation team is ready to make sure that your cherry flooring looks great after installation day. We even have cherry hardwood-look laminate options, so contact Floor Coverings International of Wheaton & Naperville to schedule your free in-home estimate where you’ll talk to a specialist about the best flooring for your lifestyle.

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