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Carpeting with cats or dogs? That’s no problem with STAINMASTER PetProtect!

Owning pets can be tough on your flooring, especially with carpet which can stain easily, hold odors, and get matted with dog or cat hair. Fortunately, new technology is making pet friendly carpet a reality with products like STAINMASTER® PetProtect®. This product is available from your local Floor Coverings International in Wheaton and Naperville. Call (630) 653-6100 for details.

Benefits of pet friendly carpet

  • Resists tough pet stains
  • Helps reduce odor
  • Easily releases pet hair when vacuumed or cleaned
  • Durable
  • Fade resistant

With pet friendly carpet, the carpet fibers are solution-dyed, which means the colors are added before the fiber is spun. With solution-dyed carpet, the color is all the way through the fiber, not just on the surface. So, the carpet resists fading from both sunlight and hydrogen peroxide based cleaning solutions.

Stain resistance is built in to carpet like PetProtect due to the special fiber used. Instead of stain protection added to the outside of the fiber, the fiber is inherently stain resistant. So, the pet friendly stain protection won’t wash off with carpet cleaning.

How does pet friendly carpet reduce odors?

The secret is in the padding. Urine and other pet odors soak through the carpet into the padding and then the sub-floor. While you can surface clean carpet, odors get locked into the padding even with deep cleaning. STAINMASTER carpet cushion helps keep spills and accidents from soaking through. This allows for a more thorough cleaning based on independent lab cushion.

So, don’t forget to purchase the correct carpet pad that is suitable for pets.

Technology to keep your carpet cleaner

Cleaning your carpets when you own pets is a must. PetProtect carpet uses a special technology that reduces the forces of attraction between the pet hair and carpet. This means more hair is removed with normal vacuuming. So, you’ll have less pet hair everywhere!

STAINMASTER pet friendly carpet also uses a special fiber shield technology to resist most liquids, soil less, and clean up better. This keeps your carpet looking newer longer.

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Have questions about pet friendly carpet?

If you have any questions about STAINMASTER PetProtect pet friendly carpet, contact Donna Teagle from Floor Coverings International of Wheaton & Naperville. She’ll help find a solution that’s just right for you. Call (630) 653-6100 today to schedule your free in-home flooring estimate.

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