Best high traffic flooring options for children, pets, active families

When you’re looking to update your floors in your home’s high traffic areas, you’ll probably want to consider the most durable flooring options available. In this article, flooring expert Donna Teagle of Wheaton discusses how you can enjoy many types of beautiful and resilient flooring that are perfect for even the most active families.

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This article includes durable flooring ideas and tips, including:

  • Identifying the high traffic areas in your home
  • Characteristics of durable flooring
  • Durable flooring recommendations for children, pets, and more

Identifying high traffic flooring areas

Before deciding on floor coverings, you should take some time to identify the high traffic areas in your home. To minimize future maintenance and replacement costs, you’ll want to put the most durable flooring you can afford in those rooms, hallways, or staircases.

Here are some possible high traffic areas in your home:

  • Family entry from garage and foyer area
  • Children’s play room or family room
  • Laundry room or mud room
  • Kitchen and eating areas
  • Dog’s entry point into home
  • Staircases

What are the characteristics of durable flooring?

The most durable flooring will stand up to heavy wear and tear with low maintenance costs and a longer lifetime than less durable options. Since replacement can be very expensive, it’s a good idea to check new flooring specifications for these characteristics:

  1. Hardness factor for hardwood or tile
  2. Scratch resistance
  3. Stain resistance
  4. Waterproofing
  5. Odor resistance
  6. Ease of cleaning
  7. Resistance to warping or discoloration
  8. Safety features such as non-skid flooring

If you have a dog you may be more concerned with scratch, stain, and odor resistant flooring. In your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want a floor that is waterproof and doesn’t warp when exposed to moisture. If you have children, easy clean-up might be a priority.

What is the best flooring for high traffic areas?

durable flooring for playroomsThe best flooring options depend on what type of traffic and the location in your house. For example, carpeting wears out quickly, so it is often not used high traffic areas. But carpeting is often the safest and most economical floor covering for stairs.

Engineered hardwood may work best in your family room, resilient luxury vinyl in your children’s playroom, and ceramic or stone tile in your foyer. With today’s flooring technology, the most durable flooring options provide function, beauty, and an array of colors and textures to match your home’s décor.

It all depends on your lifestyle and your personal style. Don’t forget to ask your flooring consultant about the options available before you make a flooring decision. She can identify any issues and provide recommendations for your particular situations.

Have questions about the most durable flooring to meet your needs?

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