Trees are essential to add to your yard, but many species can take quite a bit of time to grow from a seed. Fortunately, you have several options for trees that reach their mature height quite quickly, providing you with shade and privacy.

Royal Empress
Growth per year: 12 – 15 feet
Mature height: 40 – 50 feet

The Royal Empress is easily the fastest-growing tree on this list. With a growth rate of 12 – 15 feet per year, the Royal Empress reaches its mature height in about three years. Although it may not be the tallest tree for your backyard, it only takes a short amount of time before this tree starts providing an optimum amount of shade. This tree will be perfect for your yard if you live in the warm Southern region of the United States.

American Sycamore
Growth per year: 6 feet
Mature height: 60 – 70 feet
Easily recognized as one of the most iconic species of trees in North America, the American Sycamore is also one of the continent’s fastest-growing trees. With a growth rate of 6 feet per year, it only takes around 10 years for the Sycamore to reach its mature height of 60 to 70′.

The good news is that nearly anyone in any area of the country can enjoy this tree in their backyard. According to Fast Growing Trees Inc., the American Sycamore thrives in both warm and cold climates, thanks to its durable and adaptable nature.

Tulip Poplar
Growth per year: 6 feet
Mature height: 70 – 90 feet
The Tulip Popular is one of the tallest trees that you can plant in your backyard. It is also a popular choice due to the beautiful flowers that bloom from the tree. With a tall stance of up to 90 feet, this tree will cast a sizeable shadow across your yard. Additionally, the average growth for the Tulip Poplar is 6 feet a year.

The Tulip Poplar is one of the easiest trees to grow, as it thrives in almost every environment, according to Fast Growing Trees, Inc. So, if you’re looking for a tall tree without any hassle, then the Tulip Poplar is right up your alley.

Weeping Willow
Growth per year: 4 – 8 feet
Mature height: 40 – 50 feet
Creating shade isn’t just a matter of how tall a tree can grow to be. It is also determined by how wide the tree’s branches reach. That is precisely why the Weeping Willow is a perfect shade-casting addition to your backyard.

The National Arbor Day Foundation states that in addition to growing up to 40 feet tall, the Weeping Willow can have a 35-foot spread. The Weeping Willow grows faster near water, so if you have a lake or pond near your backyard, then this is the fast-growing tree for you.

Once you plant a tiny seed from one of these quick-growing trees, it will take no time at all for a tall, shade-producing tree to emerge.