Adding Trees To Your Yard Can Be A Slow Growing Process!

Trees are essential to add to your yard, but many species can take quite a bit of time to grow from a seed. Fortunately, you have several options for trees that reach their mature height quite quickly, providing you with shade and privacy. Royal Empress Growth per year: 12 – 15 feet Mature height: 40... Read more »

Do You Suffer from Those Unsightly Holes in Your Walls?

Try these Household tips to fill unsightly dings & dents The walls of your house are the foundation of your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that they are free from any damage or cosmetic imperfections. Nevertheless, accidents are bound to happen, so it might merely be a matter of time before your wall... Read more »

Wall and Kitchen Backsplash Tile Options in DuPage County

Protect your walls from kitchen grime with a stylish tile backsplash Those small patches of wall above your countertops and below your cabinets seem to attract pasta sauce and oil splatter. Installing a tile kitchen backsplash in this space can save you not only from dirty walls, but also from repainting your kitchen over and... Read more »

Pet Friendly Carpet Options in DuPage County

Carpeting with cats or dogs? That’s no problem with STAINMASTER PetProtect! Owning pets can be tough on your flooring, especially with carpet which can stain easily, hold odors, and get matted with dog or cat hair. Fortunately, new technology is making pet friendly carpet a reality with products like STAINMASTER® PetProtect®. This product is available... Read more »

About Residential and Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles

Create a unique look with high tech carpet squares You’ve most likely seen carpet with intricate or functional designs at office buildings and public places like airports. With many people opting for hardwoods and laminates instead of carpeting, use of modular carpet tile is one of the fastest growing segments in the carpet market according... Read more »

Durable Flooring Options

Best high traffic flooring options for children, pets, active families When you're looking to update your floors in your home’s high traffic areas, you’ll probably want to consider the most durable flooring options available. In this article, flooring expert Donna Teagle of Wheaton discusses how you can enjoy many types of beautiful and resilient flooring... Read more »

Hardwood Stairs You can LIVE With

For over 15 years I have visited customer’s homes, attended home shows, enjoyed business networking events, been approached at every possible school event of my children and the flooring discussions always start like this, “So what is the latest style in flooring?”  What, you may ask, is my response? Well this short article, geared towards... Read more »

Inexpensive Home Decor Tricks

At Floor Coverings International, we’re in the business of making our customer’s homes more inviting, personalized places to live. From custom hardwood to luxurious carpet, we do everything we can to insure that our clients get only the best in flooring products and service. A brand new laminate floor isn’t always in the budget, however,... Read more »

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

As the economy recovers, homeowners across the nation are investing in their homes, playing catch-up on home-improvement projects that were postponed earlier in the recession. Naturally, many of these projects are infused with eco-friendly elements as consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Green flooring has become increasingly popular and with... Read more »

Choosing Basement Flooring

Selecting a basement floor can be an overwhelming part of your basement finishing project. Many different materials are available- carpet, tile, laminate, engineered wood and others. Here are some important points to keep in mind when making your decision. First of all you will need to determine how well your flooring will have to hold... Read more »

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